Ashton Street

Photograph taken c1950s

Photo:Ashton Street

Ashton Street

Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre

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I lived with my parents in number 38 from the end of the war until the slum clearance scheme. Not very happy days with stone yards and outside toilets and condemned rooms. Some good neighbours but the majority were introspective and lacked drive. (I wont name names).

By Bob Munro (16/01/2011)

My father, at the time of his marriage in 1936, also lived at 38 Ashton Street, Brighton.

By Carol (25/06/2011)

Haha, that's funny because my father in law lived there at that time, and he remembers it very well but not the same as your story, he lived at number 45.

By Sian (28/06/2011)

I remember Ashton Street well. The Bushby's ( who produced a child every year - there were 11 to my knowledge), The Short's who took in foster children and knocked two houses into one to make more space (the son Alfie never worked from school days to long into maturity) and many others.

By Robby (26/02/2012)

My Dad William Cooper lived at 7 Ashton Street 1940/50s. Does anyone remember the Cooper family?

By Lynda Duhigg (nee Cooper) (09/11/2016)

On my birth certificate it says my mum and Dad and me lived at number 29 Ashton street, Dennis Standen, bus conductor, and my Mum Margaret. I was born in hospital in Brighton. My mum is 90 and my Dad passed away about 30 years ago. I was born in 1954. It's the first time I have seen this place - I'm quite shocked.

By Lyn Weston (21/10/2017)

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