Ivory Place

Photograph taken in March 1957

Photo:Ivory Place

Ivory Place

Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre

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My grandfather Charles Mears and my Aunt Emma Denyer (nee Mears) lived in Ivory Place up until their deaths the latter in the mid 1960s. Does anyone remember them?

By Margaret Haymon (02/01/2008)

My great great grandfather William Ashdown, aged 26, was living at Number 6 Ivory Place at the time of his marriage to Harriet Allen, aged 20, in 1858. William was a policeman at that time.

By Marion Goodwin (27/01/2008)

Henry Mears was my great grandfather. My mum lived with Aunt Emma in Ivory Place. Let me know if you remember Kathleen, Bet, John, Doods, Patricia Mcmahon.

By Debbie Sawer (09/02/2008)

Re: Debbie Sawer, I can remember my mother Elizabeth speaking about her sister Louisa and her husband whose name was Mcmahon and a son nicknamed 'doodles'.

By Margaret Grace (10/02/2008)

To Margaret Grace: Louisa Mears married John Mcmahon, they were my grandparents. Louisa died aged 31 and the children (including my mum) were taken into care. Your mother Elizabeth would have been my great aunt, so I guess you are my mum's cousin. I am doing the family tree and have tried to trace what happened to John Mcmahon but have not had any success. Do you remember any family tales?

By Debbie Sawer (23/02/2008)

My recollection of 6 Ivory Place was as a council house. I moved to the address in 1935. I lived there till 1949 but my mother and father stayed there until 1958 when they died.

By Michael Joseph Sullivan (19/03/2008)

I have just doscovered that my great great grandfather, Hezekiah Duke, lived at 54 Ivory Place in 1901. He was then a widower, and his daughter, Clara Jane, and her husband, John Calvo, and their children lived there with him. Such an extended family in such a small house!

By Beverly Daniels (25/05/2008)

Re: Margaret Haymon and Debbie Sawer
Charlie Henery and Emma Mears were my mum's cousins (I was named after Emma). So if I guess right, you are both related to my mum Julie Mears. My grandad was Fred Mears. I am also doing my family tree but have found it hard untill now.

By Emma Lewry (10/06/2008)

Emma, if you go on www.ancestry.co.uk or www.genesreunited.co.uk and search for Henry Mears, it should link you to my tree so you can see what info I have found so far.

By Debbie Sawer (16/06/2008)

Emma, I can give you a little information on your family: Your Grandfather was Charles Mears, he married a woman called Jane who your aunt is named after. The Emma mentioned here was his sister not your mother's cousin. My grandmother was was the eldest daughter of Charles and Louisa Mears. During, the late twenties right through until their deaths there was a family rift which was never repaired, if you want any other info please leave your email address. Also check out the message board there has been a few postings on the Mears family recently.

By Vanessa Maske (01/07/2008)

My great Aunt Rachel Ann Clark and her husband Robert lived at 26 Ivory Place in 1901 with their family - Robert Charles age 16, Alice Rachel age 13 and George Thomas age 12. My grandmother Nellie Simmons then aged 13 was staying with them. Do these names ring any bells for anyone?

By Jean Jones (29/12/2008)

re:Vanessa Maske

My grandfather was not Charlie Mears, he was Fred...he was my mothers father. I have all information I need on the family now as I have done some research, but thank you anyway

By emma lewry (24/01/2009)

My great, great, great grandfather Charles Hall is shown as being at Ivory Place, Brighton on the 1841 census, along with his wife Ellen (Stocker, I think), sons Maurice, George & Edwin. If you are connected to any of these Halls please do let me know. Charles was a Baker by trade, as were many of his sons, including Maurice, my direct line.

By Lyn Newman (21/06/2009)

My Italian grandmother - Maria Sambucci (age 22) lived at No 3 with her family in the 1920s, they were ice cream sellers on the beach. Her father was called Loreto. She married my grandfather John Wilcox at St Josephs Church on 15.1.20 in Brighton. Any information on the Italian family would be most welcome.

By Ian Wilcox (19/03/2010)

I remember knocking about with David Maxey who lived at No.1.

By Peter Blasby (07/01/2014)

Hi Maraget Haymon/ Debbie Sawer/ Maraget Grace/ Vanessa Maske and Emma Lewry.

If you are still visiting this site I would love to make contact, as my father was John (Jack) Mears son of Charles Mears husband of Louisa formerly Deacon. If are still interested my email is deavja@gmail.com 

By John Deacon neeMears (17/08/2015)

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