Jubilee Street

We were happier in Jubilee Street

In Jubilee Street we had gas first, and then you could apply to the electricity works and they would wire your house for you; we eventually did that. I wanted to make the radio sets and all the rest of it, and if you could manage to get electricity you could do away with all these batteries you used to have.

My father, with his small business as a painter and decorator, did quite well, then we moved to a place in Hanover Terrace and that was the end of the business. Strangely enough, if you move, the business dies, because there weren't any yards like Shoesmith's to look after, and there weren't any other places to obtain work from.

We were pleased to move from Jubilee Street into a bigger place, but it never really worked out, and I think we were happier in Jubilee Street than in the new place.

Reproduced with permission from 'Back Street Brighton' published by QueenSpark Books
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