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I attended from 1949 - 55. Anyone remember me?

By Jackie Gladwell (27/08/2008)

I came to this site as a result of downloading my father's entry on the new 1911 census when he was eight, and living in Kemptown. Prior to starting at York Place Grammar school in 1914, he attended St John the Baptist parish school, but I do not know for how long.

By Heather Brain (06/02/2009)

I was at St John the Baptist school around 1960 - 1967, and then I attended Fitzherbert in Woodingdean. My name then was Diane Jarmakowicz and I lived at Chesham Road, Kemp Town. Anyone remember me?

By Diane Marshall (29/03/2009)

Diane, just saw your post. A few coincidences. I went from SJTB to Woodingdean also. I also lived in Chesham Road, where I was born. The only Diane I remember in Chesham Road was Diane Trigwell, do you remember her? Did you know Vera Bridger, she lived opposite me, I was at No.6. I am in touch with her.

By Jackie Soutar(nee Gladwell) (15/02/2011)

I was at St. John the Baptist juniors in 1950. Does anyone remember me?

By Errol Keating (18/05/2011)

These photos are of the St. John the Baptist School in Kemp Town, but the heading refers to the SJTB School, later renamed Fitzherbert, in Woodingdean. [The SJTB school is now the Fitzherbert Centre, rather than the Fitzherbert school, Jackie. Hope that helps clarify the headings for you. Comments' Ed]

By Jackie Soutar (nee Gladwell). (17/07/2011)

I was a little confused after reading Jackie's comments, so I looked elsewhere on this site. It seems that (as John Leach rightly says) it was the primary school in St George's Terrace, Kemp Town that became the Fitzherbert Centre. The secondary school moved to Woodingdean and became the Fitzherbert School.

By Alan Hobden (17/07/2011)

I was a pupil at St. John the Baptist's from 1955 till 1961 and have mostly fond memories of the place. My name then was Sylvia Carroll. My teachers were Sister Anthony, Sister Marie Theresa, someone else whose name escapes me, Miss Gregory and the kind and inspiring Mr Beech. The only one I found a bit scary was Mr Hogan, the headmaster. I've heard that Des Lynam was also a pupil here, but he left about the time I started.

By Sylvia Schwarz (18/07/2011)

SJB Woodingdean became Fitzherbert in 1960/61 the year I left. I know you Errol but cannot remember which class you were in.

By John Eaton (18/07/2011)

I went there between years '64-'66 and played british bulldog at play time. Good days. Love to here from anyone who knew me then

By Roy Harley (27/12/2011)

Hi Erroll, I remember and know you from the town and Varndean School, where coincidently Sylvia, Des Lynham also went at the same time as us.

By Dave Hamblin (15/03/2012)

I was here 1983/4 and have fond memories of this school. Break times we'd play cricket with the tennis ball in the playground, Mr O'Shea used to join in also sometimes. He was a great Headmaster.

By Luke Harley (26/03/2012)

I was at St. Baptist School 1953 till 1960. Does anyone remember me?

By Veronica Smith (was Provost) (25/05/2012)

Regarding the last entry from Veronica Smith (was Provost), are you the sister of Roger Provost and Doug Provost? Mike Peirson

By Mick Peirson (18/07/2012)

Yes, Veronica is the sister of Roger and Doug Provost. (I am her sister-in-law).

By Patricia Lawrance (19/11/2012)

My thanks to Patricia Lawrence for answering my question regarding the Provost family. I went to school with Roger from 1948 until we left in 1958, we were in the same class for all of that time. I remember the tragic death of Doug at such a young age. I also remember Eddy their father cutting my hair in his barbers shop in Lavender Street. Roger was a great lad when we were kids, very into sport. I look at the photo in St. John the Baptist in 1948 when we were in class 1 and the photo when we were in class 3a at Fitzherbert in 1956 and wonder where the time went, so quick. Mike Peirson.

By Mick Peirson (20/11/2012)

I have only just got a laptop so it is all new to me. I would love to hear from any one who remembers me. I live in Worthing now and am still into sport. I play a lot of bowls and am just off to play a match - got to rush.

By Roger Provost (02/07/2013)

Hello Roger....glad to see you are alive and kicking, and still into sport. How the years have flown since we started school in 1948. I have recently reached my three score years and ten and loving life. Also glad that you have a computer, good for nostalgia. Best wishes

By Mick Peirson (03/07/2013)

I wonder if anyone remembers my mother or her three sisters who were at St John the Baptist School in the 1930s/1940s. Their surname was Early and their names are Vera, Doris, Stella and Monica.

By Jax Atkins (04/07/2013)

Hello Veronica, we went to school together. Your Mum had a hairdressers around the corner from the school. I thought you were an only child! Or perhaps it just seemed like that compared to our house and the many children there. I think you had a 'perm' in senior school, I thought it was tres chic! Forgive me if it was your actual hair. Love to hear from you. I live in Australia. Linda George

By Linda George (19/09/2013)

Hello Jax, My mum Joyce remembers your mother and aunts! Not from school, but from when she and her parents, Pat and Fred Whitcher, were lodgers at their house at 27 Marine Square in the 1930s. Incidentally, I think I was at school with you Jax! I was at S.J.B from 1954 - 1961.

By Sylvia Schwarz, née Carroll (21/09/2013)

Hi Linda, perhaps you could email me? it is I would love to catch up.

By Veronica Smith (23/09/2013)

Any one still around from class of '56? Cynthia, Ann, Alan?

By Michael Hicks (06/02/2016)

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