Devonshire Terrace

Photographed in May 1939

This photographic print was made by the Borough Surveyor's department in May 1939.

It shows housing in Devonshire Terrace, Brighton. The house on the right appears to be empty, possibly pending demolition.

Photo:Devonshire Terrace

Devonshire Terrace

Reproduced courtesy of Royal Pavilion, Libraries & Museums, Brighton & Hove

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I was born in Devonshire Street and grew up in the area until we moved away in 1961/2 when the area was demolished for redevolment. If my memory is right that house wae demolished and the coalman use to park his lorry on the site, the reason I think I am right is a friend fell off the back of the lorry and split his head on a lump of coal which left him with a scar in black. I am sure that some of my old friends also remember the area and the old dump area where we all played.

By John Eaton (01/03/2009)

We the Dares lived at No 3 Devonshire Street. My uncle Will (Lankstead) lived at No1 and he was the caretaker of the Brighton Boys Club. Our good friends the Nobles lived directly opposite. We too moved away in 1960 when my dad was on a self build scheme at the Race Hill. Oh happy days

By Pat Bowkett (29/05/2014)

Hi Pat, you will not remember me but if you go on the James Grey Collection and go to volume 22 and look at pages 36-70-146-148-151-153-155-156-157 it may being back even more memories, I live seven houses down from the top on the left hand side.

By John Eaton (09/08/2014)

For those people like me, who didn't know where Devonshire Terrace used to be, my 'Encyclopedia of Brighton' shows that it ran between Mount Pleasant and Grosvenor Street towards their northern ends, in the Carlton Hill area. Judging by the incline in the photo, I would imagine the photographer was standing on the east side of Mount Pleasant, looking diagonally north-west to take the shot. At that time, Devonshire Street ran southwards from around the middle of Devonshire Terrace, to meet Edward Street.  So would that be a house in Carlton Hill in the extreme background on the right?

By Alan Hobden (10/08/2014)

Yes it would.

By John Eaton (12/08/2014)

I remember this area quite well. I grew up in Lennox Street which was off the other side of Carlton Hill. There used to be a greengrocer about half way down Grosvenor Street. He made toffee apples which were delicious and probably accounted for a large number of aching teeth. Next to Lennox Street was a sad little street with the wonderful name of Marine View. I believe they suffered some bomb damage.

By Iris Gilman (13/08/2014)

My grandparents Dick and Rose Witcher lived at 6 Devonshire Terrace from 1921 till they moved out to Hollingbury in the early sixties. I vaguely remember the house with its damp and outside toilet and very dangerous steps up out of the back yard. My dad was born there in 1923.

By Chris Witcher (23/05/2018)

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