Richmond Farm Dairy

Photographed c1900

This dairy farm was operated by the Chate family and stood on the north site of Richmond Street, a site now occupied by Chates Farm Court. Churns of milk can be seen in the two carts.

Photo:Richmond Farm Dairy

Richmond Farm Dairy

Image reproduced with kind permission from Brighton and Hove in Pictures by Brighton and Hove City Council

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My mothers brother, Mr Bill Howard and his family lived in the house shown which was No. 34 Richmond Street. I remember visiting it many times in the 1940s and 50s. We would stand near the top of the steps and be able to see right across to Brighton Station, and see the traffic lights at Preston Circus. Unfortunately, the farm yard area shown in the photo was derelict by then. The wonderful view is now obscured by two tower blocks of flats. To the left of the photo was a bungalow where old Mrs Chate used to live.

By John Boxell (28/01/2009)

The family on the steps seem to be William Chate and his wife Jane Potter, with daughter Annie Chate, who seems to be holding a small dog or cat. Annie Chate was my great-grandmother. What a great photo. I am hoping the original print is in the archive somewhere? Anyone with more info on the Chates, please put a pot here? thanks!

By Jamie Griffiths (06/06/2012)

I should add, that if I am correct, the photo dates to approximately 1880, give or take a year or two either side, and that Annie Chate may have returned to live in the bungalow in her later years. She would have been in her 70s by the 1940s. I don't have any info about any siblings she may have had however. I have not found any mention of them, which seems odd for the era, but then again it is only her standing in the photo with her parents, so perhaps she was an only child?

By Jamie Griffiths (07/06/2012)

Hi Jamie, try looking in the James Gray Collection (do a google search if you don't know the web address) and when you've found it, type "chates farm" into the search box - there are a number of pictures you might be interested in. Regards

By Andy Grant (07/06/2012)

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