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The New Sussex Hospital closed in 1998, and the site was derelict for a few years until it was redeveloped as a housing complex. The facade and the main staircase of the original Windlesham Hall was retained, the later ancillary buildings to the west of the hall were demolished and replaced with a development of flats in the Modernist tradition. Most of the interior of Windlesham Hall was rebuilt since it had become degraded with its different uses over the years and the few years of dereliction when the internal fabric had decayed. A small development of social/affordable housing was built abutting the rear of Windlesham Hall.
Mill View Hospital was opened in Nevill Avenue, Hove in 1998 to replace the New Sussex and Lady Chichester hospitals and contains some portraits and a few items of antique furniture from Windlesham Hall

By Rob Buxton (22/03/2007)