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Reproduced with permission from the Encyclopaedia of Brighton by Tim Carder, 1990

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Photo:This photographic print was made by the Borough Surveyor's department on 28 August 1950. It shows Coldean Lane and Forest Road during work on the extension of the Parkside Estate. This housing estate is situated in Coldean, Brighton.

This photographic print was made by the Borough Surveyor's department on 28 August 1950. It shows Coldean Lane and Forest Road during work on the extension of the Parkside Estate. This housing estate is situated in Coldean, Brighton.

Reproduced courtesy of Royal Pavilion, Libraries & Museums, Brighton & Hove

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I used to live in Coldean lane when they first built the council houses, I lived on the bend in the picture above where the church is. It used to be West's farm. I was born in Brighton and we moved to Coldean lane from Ladysmith road

By john teague (26/01/2012)

Hi I used to live in Coldean lane; I remember a family called Teague - are you one of them?

By Linda Thompson Nee Dawes (07/11/2013)

The first house you can see in  Coldean Lane in the picture is no.39. I lived in it in the 50/60s with my brothers  Mack, Dave, and sisters Loraine and Trish. We moved to there  from 123 Hawkhurst Road, then after Coldean Lane we moved to 68 Rushlake Road.


By Graham Pettit (22/11/2013)

I used to live in Coldean Lane with my brothers Joe and Gordon. My mum was called Mimi. I do remember the Teague and the Dawes families.

By Margherita Martin (28/11/2013)

My best friend in the 1950s & early 60s was Laurie Blundell who lived in Rushlake Road at No 104. His father was a steward on the Brighton Belle. (Head Steward maybe?) His stepmother lived there until quite recently. We both had Austin 7 specials and Laurie got nicked for driving round Coldean when under age and without a licence etc. Unfortunately he died in an accident in 1963. I think he had an elder brother John and a sister Patricia.

By Tim Sargeant (02/12/2013)

I remember the Blundell family very well! They used to child-mind me when my parents worked. They were all Catholics attending St. Francis and St. Joseph's churches. Mrs. Blundell (Laurie's mum) passed away in 1959. There was another sister, Moira, who was a nurse at Southlands Hospital. Laurie died after falling down the stairs. It was all so sad. They are a nice family.

By Richard J. Szypulski (07/12/2013)

My mother was friendly with Mimi Martin, she was Italian.  My mother was also a great friend of Laurie Blundell's mother. I remember her dying. They were both Irish. Like the Blundell's we went to Catholic schools so perhaps didn't know as many of the local children. We were the first tenants of 20 Hawkhurst Road, moving there in 1951. Our neighbours were; 18 - Cooper, 22 - Stedman, 24 - Morris (though I think they were the second tenants here), 26 - Robinson, 28 - Gorringe.  I think I have matched these names with the correct numbers.   My mother died in 1961 and we moved away in 1962.  

By Teresa Scrase-Davey (22/12/2013)

My family still live in Coldean Lane - the 3rd and 4th generation. Horace and Dorothy known as Doll and Bist Greenfield lived at 43, the first lot of white houses in the photo.

By Lisa Barnard (10/06/2015)

We started at 50 Coldean Lane, then moved to 47 because it was a larger house for an expanding family. We lived between the Dawes and the Teagues. They were great neighbours who looked after each other. Fantastic estate in the 50s and 60s

By John Payne (30/07/2015)

My family lived in Middleton Rise from 1953 to 1962 then moved to 112 Rushlake Rd until 1966. I well remember Laurie Blundell, who died tragically at Xmas time and his sister Pat, who went to Varndean Grammar. Gaffer Dawes was in my class at Moulescombe Primary and Junior school, and I think he went to Stanmer Secondary, and on to become a successfull business man. The Teague family lived in Coldean Lane and one of the boys subsequently married and lived in Kipling Avenue, Woodingdean, next door to my brother in law Bill Harrington, (a well known character from the Franklin Rd, Brighton area). We have been resident in South Australia for over 40 years and it is good to see names and recollections from all those years ago,so bless you all.

By Barry Pumphrey (08/06/2016)

I lived in Coldean at 22 Ingham Drive, then 43 Hawkhurst Road, then my dad Bill Croydon (a local Plumber) built a Bungalow at 65 Coldean Lane. I went to Coldean County Primary School, did my paper round from I think Hobday's newsagents, I remember my family names - Hart, Isted, Burton, Pitt, Green, Mackena, Forrest, Sherman, Early, Farmer, Southern, Simmons, Granger, Brand, Dibbly etc. A great place to have grown up with Stanmer Woods, Park, Wild Park, and football matches on the green. Many happy memories.

By Gary Croydon (24/09/2017)

@ Gary Croydon - I lived in Coldean Lane from the age of 5 in 1959 & My Mum is still there. I remember 65 being built, in fact I have been in it as when I went to Coldean school I knew a Nicola Croydon & one of my best friends was Shaun Taylor who's family were at 64 & I spent a lot of time at that house when I was a kid. I was at school with an Alec Isted and in later years worked with Bill Isted at the post office that became BT in Gloucester Place. Like you my childhood involved at lot of time at play in Stanmer Woods in the days when you could actually cross that road without taking your life in your hands!

By Rob(Bob) Tasker (25/09/2017)