Photo:1850 map of Brighton

1850 map of Brighton

Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre

Whitehawk and Manor Farm to Saltdean

Reproduced with permission from the Encyclopaedia of Brighton by Tim Carder, 1990

Please note that this text is an extract from a reference work written in 1990.  As a result, some of the content may not reflect recent research, changes and events.

The following tables list the roads and streets of the borough of Brighton with the approximate dates of their first significant development. This information has been derived from contemporary plans and directories in periods of approximately five or ten years, and the town has been divided into convenient districts for ease of use. It should be noted that many roads, particularly in the Patcham , Rottingdean , Saltdean and Woodingdean areas, were developed piecemeal over many years, while other roads, mainly in the town centre, have been rebuilt since their initial development. Current road names are used in all cases, but streets no longer in existence are shown in italics. The reader is advised to use these tables in conjunction with a street-plan. {10,83,107,108,109}

xxx) Whitehawk & Manor Farm area (including Bristol Estate):
1880-4: Whitehawk Road (west side south of Marlow Road).
1925-9: Hervey Road; Whitehawk Road (west side north of Marlow Road).
1930-4: All roads in Whitehawk council estate not mentioned under other dates; Marlow, Peel & Reading Roads; Wilson Avenue (south of Piltdown Road).
1935-9: All roads on Manor Farm estate not mentioned under other dates; Henley Road; Whitehawk Close.
1946-50: Alan Way; Albourne Close; Danehill Road; Manor Green; Nuthurst Place; Ticehurst Road; Wadhurst Rise.
1951-5: ManorGardens.
1956-9: Bristol estate; Desmond Way; Manor Paddock.
1960-5: Aldrich Close; The Meadway; Sadler Way; Swanborough Drive; Vines Cross Road; Wilson Avenue (north of Piltdown Road).
1966-9: Robin Dene; Swanborough Place.
1974: Madehurst & Slinfold Closes.
post-1976: Whitehawk estate redevelopment.

xxxi) Roedean (east of Cliff Road):
1900-5: Roedean Terrace.
1925-9: The Cliff; Cliff Road; Roedean Road.
1935-9: Roedean Crescent & Way.

xxxii) Ovingdean (excluding Eley Drive area):
pre-1850: Ovingdean Road; Greenways (north).
1925-30: Ainsworth Avenue; Greenways (south); Longhill Road.
1935-9: Beacon Hill.
1946-50: The Vale.
1956-9: Ovingdean Close.
1966-9: Ainsworth & Martyns Closes.
1970-5: Dower Close; Wanderdown Road.
1978-84: Longhill Close; Wanderdown Close, Drive & Way.

xxxiii) Rottingdean (west of Cranleigh Avenue, including Eley Drive area):
pre-1800: The Green; High Street.
1820-50: Marine Drive (west of High Street); West Street.
1900-20: Nevill Road.
1920-30: Bazehill, Knole, Newlands, Romney & Steyning Roads; Chailey & Cranleigh Avenues; Marine Drive (east of Newlands Road); The Park; Park Crescent & Road.
1930-4: Court Farm, Dean Court, Falmer & New Barn Roads; Grand & Little Crescent.
1935-9: Court Ord Road; Eley Crescent & Drive; Lenham Road East & West.
1951-5: Meadow Close.
1956-9: Challoners Close; Elvin Crescent; Gorham Avenue; Rowan Way; Welesmere Road.
1960-5: Northfield Rise; Royles Close.
1970-3: The Rotyngs.
1978-84: Northgate Close; St Aubyn's Mead.
1989: Caspian Square.

xxxiv) Woodingdean:
1925-9: Channel View, Downland, Falmer, McWilliam, Seaview & Warren Roads; The Ridgway.
1930-4: roads from Roseberry Avenue to Vernon Avenue; Balsdean, Helena & Hillview Roads; Warren Rise.
1935-9: Downsway; Crescent Drive; Downs Valley Road (west side); Holt View; Ivor Road; Warren Way.
1946-50: Kipling Avenue; Lockwood Crescent; Rudyard Road.
1951-5: Abinger, Brownleaf, Downs Valley (east side), Foxdown, Selhurst & Shipley Roads; Broad Green; Chalkland Rise; Cowley, Ravenswood & Stanstead Drives; Deans, Downland, Hylden & Littleworth Closes; Millyard Crescent.
1956-9: Bexhill, Briarcroft, Donnington, Heronsdale & Laughton Roads; Burnham, Crescent, Hunston, Maple, Marden, Merston, Newells, Pinfold, Rosedene, Sutton, Treyford & Truleigh Closes; The Brow; Falmer Gardens; Langley Crescent; Netherfield Green; Sandhurst Avenue.
1960-5: Frimley, Heyworth & Sycamore Closes; Sherrington Road.
1966-9: Batemans, Connell & Dudwell Roads; Bush, Lockwood, Ridgway, Rudyard & Warren Close; Holton Hill; Kevin & PittGardens.
1970-5: Briar Close; Nolan Road; Villiers Close.
1976-8: Catherine Vale; Larch Close.

xxxv) Saltdean (Cranleigh Avenue to Longridge Avenue):
1930-4: Ashdown Avenue; Founthill & Hill Roads; Marine Drive.
1935-9: roads from Saltdean Drive to Longridge & Rodmell Avenues; Mount estate (Westfield Avenue South to Hilgrove Road & Saltdean Vale); Founthill & Westmeston Avenues; Tumulus Road; Lenham Road East.
1946-50: ArlingtonGardens; Berwick & Hempstead Roads; Greenbank (north of Mount Drive), Heathfield & Tremola Avenues; Mount Drive.
1951-5: Bishopstone Drive; Eileen & Lenham Avenues.
1956-9: Chorley, Falmer, Greenbank (south of Mount Drive), Ridgewood & Shepham Avenues; Coombe Vale; Lustrells Crescent & Vale; Marine Close; Perry Hill; Saltdean Vale (Lustrells Crescent to Hempstead Road); Wivelsfield Road.
1960-5: Chiltington Way; Coombe Rise; Glynde, Glyndebourne & Winton Avenues; Lindfield & Lustrells Close; Westfield Avenue North; Westfield Rise.
1970-5: Chiltington, Effingham, Hawthorn & Saxon Closes.

Any numerical cross-references in the text above refer to resources in the Sources and Bibliography section of the Encyclopaedia of Brighton by Tim Carder

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