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I am doing some building work on a property at the southern end of Reigate Road, east side. I have found out that in recent years, two houses there had the fronts collapse, and had to be rebuilt. Does anyone know of issues with subsidence in this road? Was it built on a Victorian landfill, possibly? Thanks, Alan.

By Alan Purton (04/07/2015)

I did some research on Reigate Road a few years ago, the 1911 OS map shows that road as a nursery ground on the west side and allotments on the east. By 1931 it was all built up. If there was any landfill it might be connected to that, but there is nothing on the large scale maps to indicate that. However the geology map for the area shows pockets of Woolwich and Reading Beds [WRB] along the Dyke Rd ridge; this is the reason for the nursery as the soils here are good for that: there were several such enterprises in the area. The WRB are shown as 'Foundered Strata' on the map, this is where the acidic sands and clays have caused the chalk below to 'dissolve' and the sands slump in. This may be the reason for building weakness but would need a detailed professional survey (not by me!).

By Geoffrey Mead (08/07/2015)