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Re: Clarendon Mansions. This is said to have been built by Charles Brill in about 1870, but he and his family were already living at Clarendon Mansions, East Street, in the 1851 and 1861 censuses. Was this the former Clarendon Hotel, re-named, or is the present building in fact older than suggested? I am descended from one of Charles Brill's brothers, so have been researching the family.

By Karin Proudfoot (16/11/2007)

I am descended from Charles Brill (b. 1815) through his daughter Catherine Rosa Brill. The swimming baths that Charles inherited from his uncle were originally on this site, and from what I've gathered he re-built the present structure in 1870, but it was called Clarendon Mansions.

By Emily Rose (09/02/2008)

Does anyone remember the 'John Beal' store in East Street? It became 'Sussex Stationers' then closed a few years ago. It had a fabulous little record department that you accessed down some stairs just inside the front door. It remained the same from when I was only about six or seven years old right up to when it closed as 'John Beal' which must have been in the 80s. There was no trace of it when it became 'Sussex Stationers' as the staircase disappeared. When I was about seven in 1964 I can remember buying my first LP record there 'Always Yours' by 'John Leyton'- I'd saved up my pocket money for months and it cost me 33s and 11d (approx £1.70). I still have it to this day.

By Paul Clarkson (07/03/2013)

Anybody remember the Pearl shop in East Street? It was a very expensive jewellers and they only sold items with real pearls. My aunt knew one of the ladies who strung the pearl necklaces on the first floor and one day she took me to see how it was done. Just fascinating seeing thousands of different sized pearls being laid out in little 'pleats' of paper ready for stringing.

By Maureen Sweet (01/04/2013)