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Protection against spam

By Jack Latimer

Many comments are left on this website each day by people sharing valuable information and precious memories about Brighton and Hove.  Unfortunately, some spam 'robots' also leave messages, and it takes a long time for our volunteers to delete these.

That's why we added the 'CAPTCHA' feature to our comments form in March 2007.  The CAPTCHA feature sorts out the human website visitors from the spam robots, by asking people who leave comments to type out some letters which are displayed in a graphic. Robots can't do this.

Please note that the CAPTCHA feature won't appear if you're a registered user and you're logged into the site. The registration process only takes a moment and, as well as making it easier to add comments, allows you to contribute new pages to the site.

What do you think?
We really don't want to deter our human visitors from leaving messages.  So if the new CAPTCHA feature causes you a problem - or you approve! - please let us know. You can use the 'Add a comment' link at the foot of this page to do long as you're not a robot!

This page was added on 01/04/2007.
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Yes, I approve! It is necessary to do this, as, like you, I found out with a website that I operate.

By Kelvin McNulty (13/01/2008)

I agree

By Barrie Searle (14/02/2011)