Mystery photos of Brighton and Hove

Photo:A very important clock

A very important clock

Photo by Tony Mould

Photo:Brighton Station

Brighton Station

Photo by Tony Mould

Mystery clock number 1

By Jennifer Drury

We know from your emails that you enjoy seeing 'mystery photos' and working out just where they were taken.  Well, just to be a little different, we have a 'mystery clock' series.  Every week we will publish the detail of a well-known city clock.  It will be your task to identify it and post your guess in the comments below.  The person with the most correct answers over the series will receive a copy of the interactive CDRom 'My Brighton', on which this website was based.  In the case of a draw, each person will receive a copy.

Lots of you got this one - how about looking to see if you can identify mystery clock number 2 here.

This page was added on 05/04/2007.
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This clock is on the front of Brighton railway station, top of Queens Road.

By Patrick Kite (06/04/2007)

I think this clock is at Brighton station.

By Julie Annets (06/04/2007)

Is it at Brighton's Town Hall, Bartholomews Square?

By Marion (06/04/2007)

Brighton Railway Station

By John Wall (06/04/2007)

Too easy, and I haven't been to Brighton since 1985. Mick Peirson.

By Mick Peirson (06/04/2007)

I was way out and I used to live just up the road from the station 40 years ago!!!

By Marion (07/04/2007)

You should have electronically removed the station roof, its a dead give-a-way, Brighton Station.

By Peter Groves (07/04/2007)

This clock is on the front facade of Brighton railway station.

By Pam Ralph (07/04/2007)

The Brighton Station Clock

By M Turner (08/04/2007)

Brighton Station without a doubt.

By Maralyn Eden (15/04/2007)

Brighton train station.

By Adele (08/12/2007)

On the front of the railway station - my place of work since the 21st June 1971.

By Patrick Kite (02/09/2008)