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As a little lad in the 1930s I used Saunders Park. It was devided into two sections with a wall between.
We had a witches hat roundabout that used to go upand down as well as round and round. A plank swing that several of us could use together. On the other side of the wall was a paddling pool. When it rained we had an indoor play area. After the 2nd World War the Council of the day pinched it and made it into a garage.

By Viv Webb (16/02/2008)

My mum used to take me to Saunders Park in the late 1940s and early 1950s. I remember it fondly, the first section had swings and roundabouts, the second was an open space with a little bushy maze, everything was so clean and well organised. Really enjoyed playing there. In my later years (1960) I joined the Army Cadets, where we used the Barracks and the old married quarters. One of our favourite things was to build a high bridge from one block to another, using ropes and rifle slings, terrifying but great fun. When we used to march around the barracks in a band with our white gaiters on, the sound of the drums and our boots slamming down on the gravel would make you feel quite proud and important. The Barracks should have been saved, would have made a great military museum.

By Barry Plank (07/05/2012)