Brighton seafront in the 1950's

Did you go to the 'Wanderin' Cafe

By Kenneth Paul

Does anyone remember the Wanderin cafe on the seafront?  This shot was taken sometime in the 1950s.

Photo:'Wanderin' cafe on Brighton seafront

'Wanderin' cafe on Brighton seafront

From the private collection of Kenneth Paul

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Hi Folks.  Lovely photo of a bygone era but it seems the café could even be much older as the sign on the top of the building is advertising 'Bathing Machines'.  Another nice touch to the photo is the young girl obviously on her way to the Sports Stadium Ice Rink in West Street. In the 1950s the SS Brighton would have been in its heyday.

By Trevor Chepstow-Sports Stadium Brighton Archive (17/10/2008)

Does anyone remember Jaconelli's at the bottom of Ship Street? We used to spend a lot of time there in the '50s-'60s before going to the Regent. I used to work in the Odeon, West Street,and the Princes News Theatre in North Street, also the Grenada in Hove - best jobs I ever had.

By John Dine (10/03/2010)

Hello John. For Jaconellis, go to 1950 topics, Brighton Memories.

By Joan Cumbers (06/08/2010)

My parents used to own and run both the fish & chip shop at the bottom of ship street and the restaurant on King's Road. My father Emilio was the chef, my mother used to run the restaurant. My uncle Tony (Dad's brother) was the Manager. Would be nice to hear from all the loyal customers that used to frequent this iconic restaurant. We had many customers who are now major celebs!!

By Paul Jaconelli (17/09/2013)

So I guess this photo is looking towards what is now the Brighton Centre?

By Peter Groves (19/09/2013)

Yes, I remember the Wanderin cafe, in 1958 it is where my friend and I met our future husbands, sadly my friends husband is now dead and I am separated from mine, but good memories of a bygone age.

By Dorothy (04/11/2013)

I posted a picture of my mum sitting across the road from the Wanderin Cafe during the war, it is in the wartime memories section. The place looks very different then, all boarded up and sad looking. Even so, my mum manages to have a smile on her face sitting out side on a sunny Brighton day during what must have been very frightening and uncertain times. Like most people at the time she would have made the best of it. Gotta love the British spirit, "Keep calm and carry on".

By Eric Cook (05/11/2013)

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