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Well, these pages bring back a lot of memories. I lived in the basement flat of No.4 Old Steine for 10 years until about 1956 when, aged 12, we moved to Edinburgh. My mother (known as 'Hammy', Jean Hamilton) was the nurse in the doctors' surgery on the ground floor. The three doctors were Drs Hicks, Lindeck and Shaw. The upper floor was occupied by a Mr and Mrs Franks who went off to Singapore or Penang about 1953-54. I can't remember the names of the people who replaced them.

By Jim Tarbet (13/09/2007)

The red brick building... I'd love to find out more history about this place if anyone can help by adding a note.  The reason is that my Dad's Dad's Dad I think owned it when he came from Russia to Austria to France to Brighton with a small percentage of the Russian jewelry he had and bought property. The red brick one was one of them and I believe he turned it into a hotel. Along with properties in Cannon Place. Apparently he got into huge gambling debts and had to sell. Little is known about him but I believe he could be Russian royalty as he was extremely rich in Russia prior to 1917 when he fled. His son's name was Henry Cohen, but I don't know his name. I'd love further reading material on this or anything on that building. I think its No.19.

By James Cohen (24/04/2008)

My husband works at the famous White's Club in St James's Street, London, and he has heard that there was once a house on the east side of the Old Steine that was associated with White's Club. We have tried to research this but to no avail. Does anyone know of this?

By Sue McGinlay (25/04/2008)

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