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My father was general manager of the Palace Pier from 1930 to 1939 when it closed because of the war. My father drew up the plans for the general offices south end of the palace of fun (I still have photos of the construction of it). Captain Weeks was my dad's boss. I used to love the shows at the end of the pier. During the war my dad ran an ENSA group in Reading. When the war ended we moved back to Brighton, and he then was manager of the Sports Stadium in West Street. Then in 1947 he took over as manager of the London Casino in Soho, London until 1950 when he retired.

By Roger Posse (18/02/2010)

I was interested to read about the pier in the 1930s. I believe my mother worked there then for a relative who had a fairground stall there. They also owned a cafe, Hyatt's, under the arches nearby and a restaurant in Brighton. Does anyone remember any of these?

By JOAN (22/02/2010)

Can anyone tell me where I can find biographical details on the origins of Sir John Howard who constructed the Palace Pier?

By David Flint (28/05/2010)

Sir John Howard (c. 1830 – 1917), was a Jewish entrepreneur, engineer, railway director and philanthropist. He was described in a contemporary article in the Jewish Chronicle (28.12.1906) as a devout Jew of Brighton, an engineer who laid down the water works at Egham, a Director of the North British Railways of as well as being the chief proprietor of the Pier at Brighton. He was also instrumental in founding and funding the Howard Convalescent Home in Kemp Town in 1914. (From

By Marcus Roberts (JTrails - The National Anglo-Jewish Heritage Trail) (13/08/2010)

Why did the name get changed to Brighton Pier? To people who have visited Brighton and who live here it will always be the Palace - our Palace - Pier. Did they need planning permission?

By Kathleen Catt (01/04/2011)

Does anyone know what happened to the "Tardis" blue police box that used to be outside the Palace Pier?

By Alan Read (30/05/2011)

I am currently doing a project for university and am interested in learning of people's past experiences with Brighton Pier. I would absolutely love to hear from anyone kind enough and willing to contact me with their memories. What I am looking at is how the pier has changed, both physically and in the eyes of the visitor (at 21 my memories only stretch so far!) If anyone is kind enough then my email address is and I will be completing this project in the next few weeks.

By Sarah Walton (27/04/2012)

I wonder if there is anyone who knows what became of the pier head theatre? It is rumoured to have been dismantled and put into store, but I can't imagine the Noble oganisation ever had the slightest intent to re-erect it. There must be someone around who worked on, or knows someone involved in the disposal of all that timber and steel- a 2500 seat theatre cannot just disappear. Can it?

By Mark Thompson (14/04/2013)

When I was about 3 or 4 (1951/2 or thereabouts) I remember my mother taking me down to the Palace Pier where my Dad and his men were working replacing the metal roofing.   He was Don Waller of H A Waller & Sons of Whitecross Street. They waved to me and I remember wondering how did he get right up there?

By Lyn Horsburgh (02/08/2014)

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