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We are currently trying to trace an old friend that worked at Patcham Court Farm possibly 15-20 years ago unfortunately we only have a first name as his surname now escapes us. His name is Nigel and he used to be a farm hand but he left this position to go to Guernsey. He also was resident in one of the tied farm cottages. If you can help us trace him or know how we can find records of past employees could you please contact us by leaving a comment on this page. Thank you.

By Clare Thompson (10/10/2007)

I recall playing in the ruins of the farm just after the War. If I am right, both it and the dovecote were both in need of drastic repair in those days. It is great that it was saved. Pity some similar buildings in the area, like the 15th century barn in Ladies Mile Road that served as a methodist church, was not so lucky.

By Roy Grant (06/11/2008)

I wonder why the Barn in Ladies Mile Rd was demolished, as it seemed to be in good order when I went there to Boys' Brigade meetings around 1962. Somewhere in the attic is a photo of the 30th Brighton lined up outside the Barn, I will no doubt find it one day. I seem to remember that Adrian and Paul Hearne are in the photo, also Duggie Edmonds, Graham Herford and many more whose names escape me.

By Alan Spicer (09/08/2012)