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I am sure there are steeper roads in Brighton, what about Albion Hill, or Upper Abbey Road? I've never thought Preston Drove was that steep, looks may be deceiving.

By Peter James (15/10/2007)

It's The Drove that's the steep part - from opposite the PDSA to Dyke Road. Numbers 8, 9 & 10 used to be 1, 2 & 3, I believe, and I have a photo showing a view of the area which just shows no. 8 as a coal merchant. Does anyone have any more information? The Drove is not mentioned anywhere else I can find!

By Lisa Kent (09/02/2008)

In 1944, my family shifted from Richmond Road (lost our windows in bomb blast) and moved to rent a house at 159 Preston Drove opposite Blakers Park. The garden was long and narrow and had an entrance in Hythe Road? As the lady owner would not rent her house to anyone with children, my brother and I hid when she came once a week to collect the rent. During the air raids we went into the food larder that was at the back of the kitchen for so called protection. I remember the house well and my sister recently visited Brighton and said the house was there and apart from a coat of paint looked very much the same.

By Jennifer Goddard nee Norrell (11/02/2008)

I see that Jennifer Goddard lived at No.159 Preston Drove. At the beginning of the war I was evacuated to Brighton and billeted in No.163 with a Mr and Mrs Vigar. I wonder if that house still looks the same?

By Brian Bloxam (02/04/2008)

The name Vigar does not ring any bells. The Reeves Family lived at 161 Preston Drove during the war. Nice lady who used to invite me in for a cake or two. Had a large white fluffy cat. In the early 50s the Reeves family owned a 12 inch black/white TV. I sat watching the Coronation of Elizabeth II for the whole day. I had never seen Television before and thought that the Reeves family was very rich to own one.

By Jennifer Goddard (nee Norrell) (02/10/2008)

The Drove aka "Black Hill", certainly the uppermost part above the junction with Kingsley Road must be one of the steepest inhabited areas of the UK. My first home was at #3, which later was renumbered 12. I lived there from 1941 until 1951. My grandparents remained there until my grandfathers death about 1960. I remember riding an old wreck of a bike down the hill when the brakes failed forcing me to jump off near Kingsley Road. Also when we had snow people sledged down the hill, rather them than me.

By Raymond (Dickie) Bird (04/11/2008)

I don't remember you Dickie - but I lived in Scarborough Road during that time - and remember sledging down the Drove (Black Hill) - and shooiting across Robertson Rd / Millers Rd at the bottom by Boswells paper shop. Thank goodness there were very few cars in those days. Happy memories.

By Dave Blackford (16/11/2008)

Does anyone remember the Wrights who used to live at Preston Drove? Any memories would be gladly received. Thanks.

By Wendy Slaughter (06/05/2009)

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