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Back in the 1960s Preston Street was a great place to be on a Saturday morning. From my point of view, John Taylor's Toy Shop was about as good as it got. This was one of the greatest old fashioned toy shops ever. It had model kits etc upstairs and a narrow and beautifully painted staircase leading downstairs to the basement. There were also many good restaurants down Preston Street, including the Aberdeen Angus. This boasted a weird assortment of cultures: Scottish themes and Spanish waiters, huge steaks and Turkish coffee. Only in Brighton eh? There was also a fascinating gun shop and some of the most up-to-the-minute hair dressers.

By Alan Knight (16/08/2006)

I remember going to a Greek restaurant on a Saturday night after the pubs had closed and having a steak with all the trimmings.  I believe that at some time there was a disco downstairs, unless that was in another restaurant in Preston St - we used to meet all our mates there. We also used to go to a coffee bar (possibly Turkish or Greek) that also had a downstairs room where we would all meet up and spend all afternoon there.  The owner must have had some patience as we probably didn't spend much. Does anyone remember the name?

By Sandie Waller (13/12/2007)

Does anyone remember Pat's coffee bar down the bottom on the left about 1958? A shaven bald headed man and his wife Pat ran it.

By terry hyde (13/05/2009)

The coffee bar run by Scottie on the corner of Preston st and Kings Rd in 1963 had a room down stairs and Tommy Roe's Sheila on the juke box.

By Brad (10/11/2012)

I think that the coffee bar on the corner of Preston Street and Kings Road was called the Chandelier.

By Derek Lake (11/11/2012)