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Love the site. My Late parents Maurice and Pat Sohn owned the Hotel Montpelier and the Starlight Rooms. Sadly, my Father died in 1968 on his fiftieth birthday, having had a two week retirement. My Mother died in 1995 - having told me about the Hotel and Club, including how artistes such as Millie played there. All I have of the hotel today are a few advertising leaflets.

By Mark Sohn (02/05/2008)

Dear Mark, I come from Naples Italy and I am 65 years old. I had the pleasure to be friend of your Father and Mother from 1961 to 1967 at the Starlight Room in Montpelier Road where I used to go every night. I was friend of Stan as well (the DJ) and I still keep an LP Record that he gave me in 1962 with his signature. I must thank Internet that has given me the opportunity to find news about the Starlight Room which is a part of my youth. Lately I have been at the 'Pop Inn' too.
I hope to find a photo of the Starlight Room but I am not sure that I still have it. If so I will send it to you. I hope to hear from you though this site.
My e-mail is:

By Tommaso Bruno (28/10/2008)

Old memory for me! I used to stay in an hotel called 'The Duphine Hotel' in Sillwood Place owned by Stanley Westmoreland. If anybody has news please inform. Thanks. Tommaso Bruno. Naples-Italy

By Tommaso Bruno (28/10/2008)

Message for Mark Sohn, I played in The Starlight Rooms hundreds of times between 63/66.  I knew your father and mother and you should be aware that there is a music website dedicated to Brighton's sixties music history including The Starlight Rooms: Please contact us.

By Trevor Duplock (04/12/2008)

My great great great grandmother, Alice Sherbon, was a kitchenmaid for the Cutts family at 22 Sillwood Place in 1871. Does anyone have any further info?  I would be interested in any info on the Cutts family and whether No. 22 is still standing. Many thanks.

By Carrie Vickers (15/02/2009)

Just read the comment by Tommas Bruno regarding the Duphine Hotel. I am Stanley Westmoreland's daughter and still live in the area. My father died in January 1995. I  have happy memories of my childhood visiting the Duphine Hotel and sitting in the rear garden.

By Judy Fletcher (15/03/2009)

One question: The Starlight Rooms. Was it in the same place that later became the Montpelier Rooms? I remember having been in the Montpelier Rooms (disco) in 1969. They also had the walls painted black and the phosphorizing lights. Or was that a different venue? Dieter from Düsseldorf

By Dieter Petzold (03/02/2010)

Message for Judy Fletcher: I read your comment only now, please contact me at the following e-mail address: I hope you will read this message. Tommaso.

By Tommaso Bruno (01/07/2011)

Does anyone know the name of the film that was made around the early 1960's that used the Montpelier Hotel for some of the scenes? I did some electrical work there when they were filming. I also remember the owner of the hotel used to have a lounge just off the club area and he smoked Winston Churchill size cigars, he would give me a cigar every time I turned up, but I never smoked.

By Michael Clark (14/12/2012)

I spent many happy nights in the Starlight Rooms in the early 60s and later in the 80s. Lived for 8 years at number 9 Sillwood Place in the ground floor flat with the windows which echo the Royal Pavillion. On a recent memory visit to Brighton, I was pleased to see that this area has been cleaned up and looks very tidy and smart.

By Chris Kisko (05/12/2013)

Very informative. I am trying to trace my paternal grandfather who I believe was a musician at the Starlight Rooms. He had been in Liverpool prior to this time in the 1950s - my mother was born in 53. My grandmother was Elsie 'Stephanie' Stanger nee Scholes. Any information would be great fully received. 

By Carrie Emmerson (29/11/2015)

I remember Sillwood Place well, I lived with my parents in a couple of the flights on the Eastern side and remember the new flats (Osprey House) being built.  I also went to Middle Street Primary School before it was demolished in 1973 and rebuilt.  Its great to look back at these old pictures and learn a little of the areas history. 


By Jane Donaghy (17/07/2018)

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