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Anyone interested in Brighton hospitals would do well to also have a look at the web site for the Brighton General which can be found at

By Kenneth Ross (04/02/2008)

In my earlier comment above forgot to say that there is a Brighton General SRN's Association, for anyone who trained at the BGH when it was a separate training school. The site mentioned earlier contains my e-mail address for anyone interested in the association, there is no joining fee or any costs involved in joining, as mentioned it is for SRN's and we have reunions every 2 years.

By Kenneth Ross (04/02/2008)

The Royal patronage was not reflected in a change of name until 1911. This date appears in the hospital's official website and in others, and has been confirmed by the hospital's historian, Harry Gaston.

By Douglas d'Enno (03/08/2010)

I do hope that somebody will acquire a picture, for this site, of the dedication board on the Board Room wall - if it is still there.

By Edward Brooke (11/05/2012)