Mystery photos of Brighton and Hove

Photo:Mystery clock number 6

Mystery clock number 6

Photo by Tony Mould

Mystery clock number 6

By Jennifer Drury

We know from your emails that you enjoy seeing 'mystery photos' and working out just where they were taken.  Well, just to be a little different, we have a 'mystery clock' series.  Regularly, we will publish the detail of a well-known city clock.  It will be your task to identify it and post your guess in the comments below.

The person with the most correct answers over the series will receive a copy of the interactive CDRom 'My Brighton', on which this website was based.  In the case of a draw, each person will receive a copy.

The previous clock in the series only received one correct answer!  So this time we are giving you a much easier one to start the year.

Our mystery clock trail started here

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It looks like St Peter's Church

By Alan Buchanan (17/11/2008)

St. Paul's, West Street?

By Marianne (13/01/2009)