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I was interested in your description of the Alley at 21 St. James Street. I lived over Clarks Bread Shop from 1947 till 1954. Our entrance was up the alley and the Spiritulistic Church was there then. The Dome Methodist church back entrance was up the top of the alley and to the left was unkempt rough land with a few trees on it. Is that the Dorset Gardens in the photo? My sister and I were very naughty when the Spiritulistic Church had their Seances we would make ghost noises outside and bounce a ball on their outside wall. We thought we were so funny until they complained to our parents and we got what we deserved.

By Jennifer Goddard nee Norrell (20/04/2008)

I worked at 9 St James's Street when it was NatWest and my father worked there before me when it was Liptons. There was a deli store just down the road from Sainsbury's and Clarks Bakery but I can't remember the name. I had a friend who worked at Harris' The Drapers - Elsie Smith who lived in Queens Park Road. Since I moved away I have lost touch with all my acquaintences from this area.

By Yvonne Taylor (12/12/2010)

My Father was the owner of Nos 118/119 St James's Street. The shops had been passed on to him from my Grandfather and Great Grandfather who were both named Henry Robert, hence the name H.R.H. Draper's. My Grandparents lived in one of the flats above the shop. It closed in 1974, I can vaguely remember Elsie Smith,.It is nice to know that someone remembers my Father's shop, although I'm afraid that I can't remember the deli store.

By June nee Harris (25/04/2011)

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