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I can remember George Street 1946-1954. Narrow road that went through to Edward Street. Favourite spot for the numerous barrow boys selling their cheap veges and fruit. The Policemen would try to catch them as it was illegal for them to sell from the barrows in those days. When the Policeman approached them they would lift the back of the barrow off the ground and stand there looking at the Law until the Policeman walked off. Then on with the well known shouting. What wonderful memories from those days. All the peaches etc., wrapped in tissue paper and you could buy just one, and weren't they delicious?

By Jennifer Goddard nee Norrell (20/04/2008)

I lived in George Street as a kid growing up, our house was number 37. There were only three houses in the street like ours. We had no hot water we had a boiler which we had to heat the water for a bath; no bathroom and toilet outside and no electric sockets. Everything was run off the lights. It was three stories high and we had a basement our house was next door to Jimmy’s the hairdressers which I believe is still there. I think it has been made into flats now I would like to see what it’s like inside now. When I was about seventeen my dad was asked if he wanted to buy it for £700 pounds that was a lot of money but he didn’t buy it the Thurlow Pub was opposite - how noisy on a Saturday night.


By KATHLEEN CATT (30/03/2011)

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