Mystery photos of Brighton and Hove

1950s Bank Holiday

By Sophie Harris

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Photo:Mystery photo

Mystery photo

From the private collection of Sophie Harris

This page was added on 23/03/2008.
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This bandstand was (is?) part of the western lawns and is opposite the Salisbury Hotel. I used to cycle along there in the late 30's and listen to the music. At that time there were a lot of young refugees from the Spanish Civil War listening as well

By TonyV (25/03/2008)

I'd say that it was more likely to be Eastbourne myself. Looking behind the bandstand I don't recognise that shelter to be in Brighton. But then I could be wrong!

By Carol Homewood (29/07/2008)

I would say it was the old Hove band stand. The background is still there even though the band stand has gone. I whirled around it a few times in my teenage days. The Babylon night club is there now.

By David Smart (29/03/2009)

I am sure this is the old beautiful bandstand at Hove Lawns.

By Barbara Goble (18/01/2014)

This is indeed the bandstand that was located opposite the bottom of Walsingham Road in Hove. If you go to the website of, they have a number of postcards depicting the Western Lawns bandstand (as well as other vintage bandstands).


By Janet Beal (19/01/2014)

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