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Yes and they ruined Whitehawk. They pulled the heart out of it. I lived there from 1946 till 1969 in Twineham Road - what a fabulous community and place to live. I just read comments about growing up in Whitehawk in the '50s on this site.

By Susan Beckett (nee Bennett) (30/08/2010)

I remember Whitehawk as it was, I lived in Wiston Road. I agree with Susan Bennet, the heart was stripped out of it. It was a wonderful place to grow up and be a part of a community that knew each other. I was taken to see my old homeland and I wouldn't have recognised it. What has been created is no improvement.

By Mary Ingham-Law (01/03/2012)

I agree with Susan. You would not remember me, its been many years, I lived on Twineham Rd in the '50s. I remember you and Maria, in fact I was very good friends with Maria for years. I got married and moved to the USA back in the late '60s, but Whitehawk will always be in my heart.

By Shirley Terry (nee Hawes) (09/02/2013)

Whitehawk still has its heart. People move away and expect a place to stay the same, unfortunately they don't. I still get upset seeing strangers walk in and out of my childhood home on Lewes Road. I have lived in Whitehawk for over 10 years now and bought my daughter up here. It is still a wonderful place to grow up and definitely the closest community in Brighton and Hove. It's just not the community you remember, people move on.... just like you guys did.

By Lyndsey (02/07/2013)

Whitehawk of today is nothing like the Whitehawk I grow up in. 1950 to 1969 First Nuthurst Road then Twineham Road. OK I know the old estate was out of date and many of the old brick built houses were cold in winter and starting to get damp problems. Unlike the new house which seem to have many problems that were not present in the old houses. At least we had a community of caring people then, as kids we were in and out of everyone's home.

By R H Scott-Spencer (08/02/2015)

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