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I write hoping to get a reply from the author (Tim Carder), rather than for publication on your excellent web site.
The interesting item from Tim on page 9068 says "Varndean Sixth-Form College was the boys' municipal secondary school, opened on 2 March 1931 by Viscount Hailsham to replace the Pelham Street Boys' School".
Quite a few current members of the Old Varndeanian Association went to the school in York Place. To a man, they refer to it as York Place School. I'd be interested to know more about Pelham Street Boys' School. Are we referring to the same place?

By Ron McLaren Newsletter Editor, Old Varndeanian Association (10/01/2009)

Interesting. My father worked at the farm and lived in one of the cottages with Harry and Flo Patrick who farmed at Varndean. Following the devastation caused by an outbreak of Foot and Mouth when a large pit was dug for the  slaughtered animals to be buried sprinkled with Lime the farming unit relocated to Balcombe. I would imagine that the Education  Committee purchase would have taken place following that devastation and would think was later than 1909, bearing in mind my father was born in 1908. Harry Patrick the farmer, to supplement the income from farming, also operated a Horse Drawn Cab (taxi service). Should 'Uncle Harry' have been too inebreated to drive home if he had stopped for a drink, he was put in the cab and the horses would arrive home safely to the displeasure of 'Auntie Flo' who would have then to unharness the horses and with the help of my Dad put everything away safely. Apparently as my Dad was only a child the horses would automatically kneel for my father to enable him to take the harness etc off. The tale goes that even the shire horses on the farm would also kneel for Dad to enable him to harness etc them.

By Pauline Newman-Starley (09/06/2014)

Pauline do you have any information about the pit location on the site?

By Peter Lynton (01/10/2017)

The Harry who worked on the farm was Charles Harry Patrick, he was my grandfathers nephew. In the 1911 census it shows Harry with Flo who had been married under a year, also Charles' sister Ethel lived with them. My grandfather's son William is shown, he unfortunately died of his wounds at Flanders on Sept 2 1918, he is buried in France.

By peter patrick (04/11/2017)

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