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Does anybody remember Foredown Isolation Hospital? It was still in place in 1971. I know, I was there as a patient. Fantastic staff but one hell of a place.

By Bob (18/02/2011)

My house was built on the grounds of the old hove isolation hospital. And I wanted to find out if there was anyone with past experience of either a relative who worked at the hospital or was a patient there that would like to talk about their experiences there. I would love to hear them as I am interested in the past history.

By Y Stenning (06/03/2016)

I was a patient in Foredown 1952/3 having TB Meningitis for 9 months having my birthday in November, Christmas and the Queen's coronation in Hospital. Being 11 years and poorly I do not remember much at that time exept being kept in an ice blanket to reduce my temperature. Penicillin injections, and the dreaded lumber punctures which scared the life out of me. The wards were of mixed children, with about six beds and two iron lungs on the ward with a Peter Bellchamber being one such boy who was in one, but sadly passed over one night. I remember a Dr Snell? or a German spelling, as I seem to remember he might have been of foreign origin.

By Tony Lago (01/11/2016)

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