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I worked at the Eaton Road factory under Bob Morris as a Machine Tool Fitter building first the 1A lathes and then milling machines then I went to work at the Portland Road factory until they moved us to Hollingbury. It was never the same and I soon left the company but I enjoyed my time at Eaton Road

By Dennis Fielder (19/08/2008)

I have just remembered that the milling machines were the TF range. I also worked on some Bedmills.

By Dennis Fielder (22/08/2008)

I served my time as a toolmaker at CVA K&T in '51/'56. My father, George was a manager there until he retired. I went to S.Africa in '57 and then to U.S.A in '63. I am 76 now and long retired. I now live in Ireland with my wife Johanna and my only daughter, Karen, born in San Francisco, lives nearby. I spent 6 months of my 5 yrs on a CVA 1a lathe, a fine M/C.

By Peter Solly (12/08/2010)

Hi Peter Solly, I didn't know your father, but everyone at K&T spoke very well of him. I have some photos of him from the K&T Times, and some articles, I think written by him. If you want to contact me at I could scan them in and email them to you.

By Peter Groves (15/08/2010)

Hi! Just thought I'd mention.... My father (Roy Fox) was once chief engineer at CVA/K&T and I learned a lot from him about mathematics as applied to mechanics and especially gear mechanisms (profiles, methods like Cardan stuff etc). I know that he did not like moving to Hollingbury and that was either coincidentally or otherwise the start of his sad demise. I won't go into that but some of his colleagues made a great impression on me either by his description or by meeting them. Here are some of those names.... Reg Carr (a superb tool maker who helped me rebuild model engines), Bernard Green (electronics and digital nc guy and that is where I ventured) and finally friends of the family John Houston and Rudie Capagnony (apologies for any spelling errors in those names, esp Rudie) 

By Simon Fox (14/08/2011)

I forgot one other name, Harry Brooks who (like my father) used to work at CVA and then later left and went on to work with Doug Spreng (from the USA having worked for Kraft) to form one of the UK's most successful radio control manufacturers, Sprengbrook (based originally in Redhill Drive I think but then relocated to Victoria Rd just by Portslade railway station). 

By Simon Fox (14/08/2011)

Simon, I don't remember your father, perhaps that was before my time, however the other names are all very familiar! Bernard Green went on to work for Kongsburg in Norway, there is a story about how he "carried the can" in a technology scandal with Russia when they were still behind the Iron Curtain. I think the news report can be found on the internet!

By Peter Groves (03/09/2011)

Peter, Thanks for your comments and additional information, especially about Bernard Green! (I shall have to research that further!) Since my last "comment" which I submitted, I've reviewed in a little more detail the information contained in your web page and I reckon that Bob Morris may be a contemporary of my father, just to put a time reference to it so to speak. My father also worked at Portland Road (prior to moving to Hollingbury where "things went wrong") and from my recollection he worked mainly on vertical milling machines (of K&T origin or maybe K&T Marwin, not sure). I should also have perhaps have mentioned another influence on me (and quite obviously my father!) and that was my mum (Brenda), who also worked for CVA, having originally worked at Ricardo in Shoreham in the D.O. staff. (a company that is still alive and kicking today!) As one does, (dotting the i's and t's as they say) I have reviewed my comment input, and there are a couple of minor corrections that I feel I should make: 1) My father's official job title was Chief Designer (not Engineer) and .. 2) Rudy's surname was spelt with an M which I had omitted i.e. Campagnonie (or something like that!). Oh and one other name, my dad's "boss" was someone with a surname something like LeBrett. Does that ring any bells with your CVA/K&T web surfers? Cheers.

By Simon Fox (10/09/2011)

Hi Simon, the Director of Engineering c. 1970 was a guy named Lebrecht. I have copies of all the K&T Times from the late 1960s - perhaps your father is mentioned in one of them. I will have a look and let you know!

By Peter Groves (11/09/2011)

I worked as an apprentice electrician at Eaton Road 1965 - 1969. Does anyone remember the little maintenance section which was on the right as you went into the factory? In the photo taken outside on the final day, that’s me sitting on top the gate (on the right).

By Richard Pearce (04/07/2012)

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