Newick Road

Hard times shared

By Ron Spicer

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Photo:Jack and Liz Spicer in the back garden (!) of 34 Newick Road about 1944

Jack and Liz Spicer in the back garden (!) of 34 Newick Road about 1944

From the private collection of Ron Spicer

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The watch and chain combination hanging from the waistcoat buttonhole was typical of many men in those times. It saw the interior of the local pawn shop on a countless number of occasions. When not being worn, which was often, Dad Jack hung it from a hook at the side of the fireplace in what was known as the kitchen, nowadays known as the lounge! Jack's lingering death, which I've commented on elsewhere herein, amounting to 17 years of agonising deterioration, finally put an end to his life and mum, Liz, lived on for another 13 years, eventually succumbing to bowel cancer. I witnessed the softening of character in Jack over his remaining years and secretly wished he had been more gentle and caring in the earlier days. Mum Liz certainly deserved a whole lot better. But that seems to be the life of so many in those between war days; and were probably much worse before those times.

By Ron Spicer (14/10/2009)