Hollingbury Park Golf Club

Centenary year celebrations

By Jennifer Drury

This month Hollingbury Park Golf Club celebrated their centenary with the Mayor of Brighton and Hove, Councillor Gary Peltzer Dunn, who drove off the first ball in the Centenary Hickory Club Competition.

The original golf course of nine holes was opened in September 1908 by the then Mayor, Alderman J.P. Slingsby.  The first two holes were alongside Ditchling Road, with the present tennis pavilion as the clubhouse. Work on the course was carried out by the town's unemployed under the supervision of Mr. J B Saunders.  Costs of the work, which amounted to £780, was paid from the Mayor's Distress Fund and the Local Government Board. In 1909, regular users of the course decided to approach Brighton Council for permission to form a club. Permission was subsequently granted and as a result, the course was extended to eighteen holes in 1910.

Today Hollingbury Park Golf Club is a popular and thriving club whose members are enjoying marking their their centenary year with special tournaments and events. Our photograph here shows current members dressed as their counterparts would have been at the beginning of the last century.

Photo:Members of Hollingbury Park Golf Club with the Mayor, Councillor Garry Peltzer Dunn

Members of Hollingbury Park Golf Club with the Mayor, Councillor Garry Peltzer Dunn

Photo by Tony Mould

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As a member a few years ago, I would like to see a few photos of the members from the  1970s and 80s that I could recognise. I do miss that golf course even though I play on a excellent course here in Australia now. Any member who knows me, send email to garrylockwood@dodo.com.au I would love to get the news

By Garry Lockwood (30/10/2011)

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