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Photo:Formerly Recordland, 40 Trafalgar Street, Brighton

Formerly Recordland, 40 Trafalgar Street, Brighton

Photo by Debbie Lias

Recordland, 40 Trafalgar Street

By John Lias

Possibly the last of all the stores within this list to close, I believe I'm right in saying it was still open for business as recently as 2001 or 2002.

I hadn't gone there for a while though as, whereas it always sold some in-demand singles, it never really specialised in soul LPs and I only ever picked up a handful over a long period of time.

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I sold a lot of my best vinyl here whenever I got skint. Just before I moved to Spain in the early 2000's, they bought a Michael Jackson picture disc of Thriller from me for a fiver. To be fair, it was the sort of place where I went in to make a few quid, and ended up spending it all back.
By Paul Hubbard. (26/07/2009)

You are right John Lias, not a lot of Soul in general, but excellent for Motown, especially upstairs. I have a few rare LPs which I wouldn't have but for Recordland. The owner was very helpful as I recall.

By David Wilkinson (30/12/2010)

Geoff Windsor (Fat Geoff) ran Recordland. He was a specialist in jazz/ big band/ vocal and shows but stocked most types of music. I never ventured onto the upper floors much but the ground floor held good stuff at good prices. Geoff could be a bit prickly at times. I once went in there to do a trade with a load of promo LPs. I was after a copy of Tony Conrad & Faust 'Outside the Dream Syndicate' I'd seen in there. He eyed my albums suspiciously "Are these promos? I don't want no promos" he muttered. "No, they aren't promos" I lied and he consented to the deal. Geoff retired but I believe he took all his stock away and still did, or indeed, does some buying and selling from his home. Like a lot of dealers - it's in his blood and he can't kick the habit. I know of one semi-retired record dealer who filled his entire house with thousands of records even though he was working another job full time. I mean - filled it - you could hardly get in the door. I know of other dealers and collectors who have not only filled their houses but lock-ups and storage units too. 

By M Bradshaw (25/12/2013)

I called him Big Geoff. I bought many Sun records from Geoff. Sorry for my poor English but I'm from Belgium. Is he still alive? I saw him once in Belgium and a few times in Nederland, at records fairs. I'm writing now of the 70s and 80s. A great time for records and record fairs.

By Rocking Rudy from Juke Box Records (10/04/2017)

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