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A wartime Whitehawk group?

By Eric Cook

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Photo:Was this in WWII?

Was this in WWII?

From the private collection of Eric Cook

This page was added on 11/04/2009.
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Hello Eric. The picture is clearly of a group of Women's Land Army Girls.

By Jeremiah (12/04/2009)

The vehicle is almost definitely a Ford V8 Side Valve, possibly derived from a just pre-war V8 Pilot predecessor.

By Jerry (12/04/2009)

Could they be the Land Army Girls working in Peacehaven? The fields in the background look like the ones at the back of Peacehaven where I worked in the 60s for Grant Currie.

By Marion Goodwin (13/04/2009)

The picture almost certainly depicts the Women's Land Army. Note the jodphurs, army type jerseys and the lady with the felt hat and badge - all typical of the uniform supplied. Initially the Land Girls were filled from volunteers but later conscription was introduced, swelling the number so employed enormously. The girls in your picture were most likely working in the fields, which appear in the background to have been cultivated ready for sowing - perhaps taking a cuppa before returning to work.

By Andy Grant (15/04/2009)