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Looks like they had a wonderful time! But I'm wondering; was it a 'bona fide' St George's Day gathering, or a watered down, politically correct, 'don't offend anyone, and celebrate diversity' day? We had our St George's Day celebration cancelled by our council as we couldn't guarantee that we would be 'celebrating diversity'...

By Artful Dodger (25/04/2009)

Yes, it looks like those kids were having a lovely time; I'm very pleased for them. We had the same problem with a politically correct council when I lived in London; we were allowed an insipid, bizarre mish-mash of a celebration that offended nobody, and included all. St George's Day is a celebration for EVERYONE, regardless of colour of skin, race, religion or sexuality!

By Nina Mckintyre (26/04/2009)

Hi Artful, as you don't say where you are at present it is difficult to comment on your cancelled celebrations. Anyway, I was at the one pictured in Hove and saw the procession along Church Road and into George Street where the St George and the Dragon play was enacted. The road was packed and the kids loved it. Most people were wearing red and white and there were hundreds of St George flags including a very large one carried by the City Mayor Councilor Garry Peltzer-Dunn. I would add that there was no sign of any 'who you are or where you come from', it was just a great sunny celebration for all and I will be there again next year.

By David Smart (27/04/2009)

Hi David, although born in Brighton, and bred in Hove, I'm now living in Preston, Lancs. I'm glad everyone had a great day and enjoyed themselves back in dear old Brighton! I haven't been back in seven years, but I think about Brighton most days; best place in the world, I reckon!

By Artful Dodger (28/04/2009)