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Good luck with this worthwhile project. I look forward to part two. Regards

By Jeremy Homeward (25/10/2009)

Many years ago, we walked part of the railway to Devil's Dyke, and even though one of our rambling group was married to the farmer across whose land part of the railway route passed, he still took us to task for not asking his permission before walking it! This link should take you to an image of the 'funicular' railway to the Dyke. Enjoy your exploration - but watch out for that farmer!

By Janet (25/10/2009)

As a young lad I too doubted the existence of a railway to the Dyke, but it's there all right, and best of all, most of it is still easily accessible. For a route guide to a fine circular walk taking in the whole railway apart from the immediate junction at Aldrington and the final stretch which is on private land, go to .

By Len Liechti (27/10/2009)

Yes, a very worthwhile project, but where can I find part 2? it does not seem to be anywhere.

By John Edwards (01/11/2009)

hi there, the Devil Dyke zoo in the 70s was not there very long due to the fact that it was too cold for the animals in the winter but I did go to the zoo there.

By Graham Knight (19/06/2010)

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