Hove 'prom'

Day out at Hove Lagoon

By Sue Levy

This is my granny and brother, Daisy May and Roy Edwards about 1925 at Hove Lagoon. Was it open all year?

Photo:Hove Lido

Hove Lido

From the private collection of Sue Levy

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Hove Lagoon which was opened as a boating lake and is now used to train people to do various watersports.

By SMC (22/06/2009)

Hove boating lagoon,was used for small rowing boats and canoes, sailing model boats, and "crabbing" too dirty to swim in! It still there today and used mainly for windsurfing.

By Peter Groves (22/06/2009)

I think it was more of a boating pool!

By Lynda Brand (22/06/2009)

In my experience, from the 1950s through to at least the 1980s - the two pools had separate functions. The one to the east was a boating pool, where you could hire canoes etc. The western pool, which was larger, was used for sailing model boats mainly. I also remember taking part in canoe races on that pool but that was not a frequent occurrence - as far as I remember. I am not sure when it started to be used for windsurfing training but possibly at some point in the 1980s. The smaller boating pool was not open all year round and both pools were frequently drained during the winter, but I am not sure if that happened every year. However, the play areas were open all year round, with the exception of the mechanised rides, which were seasonal. The cafe didn't open all year either and I think the open season was from Easter to September. I must emphasize that this is just to the best of my recollection. I spent many a happy hour at the lagoon throughout my own childhood and that of my children and grandchildren, but my last visit was in 2000.

By Helen Shipley (25/06/2009)

Nice memories Helen. Your "best recollection" is about correct, I remember it as you say. Another memory is the third pool - yes third pool. This was much smaller, off the big main pool, where the windsurfing building now is. It was used to house motor boats used on the big pool when the day was done. There was a wooden walkway that separated the holding pool from the main pool, with steel railings that I remember well. I was fascinated by boats and often went in the canoes and peddle boats, but the motor boats must have cost more, and I can't recall ever going in them. I remember standing on the wooden platform watching them, then twisting round on the railings and falling in the water fully clothed!

By Peter Groves (27/06/2009)

I spent many happy hours at the Lagoon. The larger pool had motor boats that you could hire, these were moored on the southern side in two small harbours where the operators hired them out. I think you had about 15 minutes a time, dreading the "No 22, your time is up" call from the blokes in charge. The smaller pool had the canoes and paddle boats for hire. Model sailing boat competions took place in the larger pool, usually on a Sunday. The competitors took things very seriously, often wearing naval caps etc. The yachts were superb, most of them had no direct control, relying on a wind vane contraption on the rudder.

By Pete Cosgrove (29/06/2009)

I remember that walk way too - Wasn't there a paddle pool over near the shop? Played 'golf' in the next sections towards Brighton.

By Chris Edwards (28/06/2009)
I too remember playing crazy golf in a section towards Brighton. It was called 'Arnold Palmer', but as children we had no idea who it was named after! It is a shame the train is not at the lagoon anymore in the summer months, as my grandchildren would love it as we did as children.
By Jacqui (11/07/2009)

I used to hang out at the lagoon as a kid in the 70s-80s – skateboarding down the slope towards the cafe. In1978 with a freshly plastered broken arm (not acquired skateboarding), and whilst fishing crabs out of one corner of the larger lagoon, I tripped and went in head first. Had to get my cast reset at the hospital!

By Jamie Marshall (10/01/2010)

Does anybody remember the paddling pool opposite The Hotel Metropole? As kids we used to go on the open top No 17 white bus from Portslade station, past the lagoon and on to Brighton. The pool used to have dolphins in the tiles at the bottom; it was only a few inches deep but seemed very deep when you were little! Also going home after a day there and being covered in calamine lotion for the sun burn - no factor 50 then! This would have been late '50s early '60s.

By Marian Mitchell (nee Lynch) (07/04/2013)

Yes, I remember the paddling pool opposite the Metropole. My mum used to take me when I was about 5 or 6 (I'm 69 now!). It was always sunny, and full of screaming kiddies - one pushed me over once and I had a big burn scrape on my arm for weeks - I wouldn't go again!

By Sandie Waller (24/05/2014)

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