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Still following with interest. What a shame that sometimes we have no time to give to the young. Is the golf more important than good manners. Well done the lads, good, healthy exercise, teamwork and a contribution to community history. I applaud you.

By Jeremy Homeward (17/01/2010)

Hi there - just stumbled across your site whilst looking for something else. I live in Hangleton and have always struggled to visualise "the gap" between Rowan Avenue and The Downsman pub. I will look at that in a from now on. With regard to the platform for Golf Halt - it is a lot more than fifty yards. Keep going down into the field following the line of the top hedge. Maybe as much as 300 yards in you will be by a thicket on your right. Peer through the bushes and you will see the brickwork of the platform edge. The down side to this is that it is private ground.  I found it by mistake a few years back while photographing the harvest which I had the farmers agreement to be doing. I have got a (very bad) picture that I took that day if you want to drop me a line I will have a look for it. All the best

By Keith Duke (17/01/2010)