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Peter, very interseting and tried to follow it myself from the car park in Hangleton to the terminus. I found golf club halt, well hidden and then it goes uphill slightly. You make reference to it then becoming more difficult. At this point I came accross some overgrown hedges and barbed wire and could go no further. Is this the point you are referring to when it became more difficult, and you had a number of fences to cross? Just need to know to check I am on the right track (sorry!). Did the farmer mind when you reached the terminus and found the platform?

By Andrew C (30/04/2010)

Hi Andrew, yes you are spot-on. Right, after Golf Halt, keep to the LH side of the track, follow it up to the next wire fence ahead, which you have to cross, then cut across the track to the RH side, follow up again, another wire fence to cross, then you will be able to access the track. The track bed can now be followed flat for 400 meters and then you will really see the old huge cutting, which is around 500 meters long. Met a farmer at Golf Halt, but he didn't seem to mind, no one was about when we reached Dyke Farm and the old platform. Good luck!

By Peter Groves (09/05/2010)