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I'm trying to find out how long the Kemp Town Bookshop has been there (as a bookshop) and was wondering if anyone knew what used to be there previously?

By Sue Harrison (18/04/2011)

Sue - The premises on which Kemp Town Bookshop stands used to be Bullocks the Butchers run by a very debonaire butcher. He later moved to a shop at the very top of Duke Street, underneath the edge of Churchill Square. It was an excellent high-class butchers.

By Jax Atkins (14/01/2012)

I think there was a little Triang 060 tank engine running around the shop window of Barnard's Electrical store.
I remember visits to the Odeon, Kemp Town on a Saturday. I think it was 6d and 9d to get in. I also remember how we would wait outside if there was an "A" film on (children had to be accompanied) and asking an adult to take us in. We would then give them our ticket money and, once inside, find our own seats.

By Jim Stapleton (07/03/2016)

I don't think Barnards Electrical shop sold either Triang or Hornby train sets - although I might be wrong. He was agent for Trix Twin Railways (TTR) - I bought many parts for my TTR set there. I'm fairly certain that the one running in the window was one of these. The couplings were different and although they were all the same gauge neither would run properly on the other's tracks for some reason. I really coveted the double ended railcar but at £4/19/6 it was beyond my meagre means.
Saturday morning flicks at the Kemp Town Odeon was 6d if I remember correctly. The week that sweets came off ration we got an extra tanner to buy whatever we wanted. Wouldn't get much for that today!

By Tim Sargeant (08/03/2016)

I'm fascinated by the description of Essex Cottages and the garage building on the corner of Upper Bedford Street. Was the garge on the North side? I'm trying to trace anyone who can remember what buildings stood on the site between Essex Cottages and Essex Street and wonder if this garage is what was there. Anyone who can remember, your help would be greatly appreciated.

By P Taggart (15/04/2016)

I am sure there are some interwar images of the Essex Street area in Backyard Brighton, originally published by QueenSpark. A large scale OS map of the area for the period you are interested in, which can be seen at 'The Keep' at Falmer, will give more information.

By Geoffrey Mead (17/04/2016)

P Taggart: The garage was located on the south corner of Essex Cottages, it was visible looking down Montague Street.  When I lived in the area in the early '60s, I believe the garage was called Shaddicks Garage. Essex Cottages were in a delapidated condition with the cottages on the south side boarded up; the north side of the alley was the back entrances to back yards of the houses on Essex Street. At the end of the cottages was the back entrance to what was All Souls Primary School with the main entrance on Essex Street, the school buildings were being used as an annex for Queens Park Secondary School in the '50s and '60s.

By Michael Brittain (19/04/2016)

I will always remember Bromptons the Butchers: Clean sawdust on the floor with butchers wearing straw hats and a red carnation.

By Mark Praid (04/03/2017)

My late Father ran an industrial business located at 96-97 St George's Road, Benrose Stapling opposite Webbs Stores, from the early 1960s to the late 70s. (It is now a branch of Ladbrokes.)  I was a  young child in the 60s, but often used to go into the "office" with my dad in the School hols or Saturday mornings. In those days he used to park his car in Bloomsbury Place which was around the corner and kind of at the back of Webbs. When he couldn't find a parking space, he would park on a double yellow line and the local policeman  on the beat used to pop in (who was friendly with all the local traders) to tell his secretary, to tell him to move it, if the Inspector was on the prowl. I do recall Webbs stores very well and was often sent on an errand across the road to get milk/ chocolate digestives  etc. I do remember Webbs used to have a little model railway in its windows on College Place going up the hill. Seems an age away now.

By Andrew Rose (22/07/2018)

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